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The Adventure Package is the favorite of the two founders of FCR . Esdras Madrigal and Jay Calvert Cooper met on a river running trip in 2005. The adventure package is the product of our explorations and interactions with those adventurers in the know, as we have expanded our focus to experience the best exploits. Take it from us: Costa Rica offers the opportunity to crank up the adrenalin, use your athleticism, attune yourself to nature and provide you with the greatest photographs and stories you will ever take or tell. Tell us what you want to do on our inquiry page and we'll set it up for you.

A typical FCR trip for the discerning adventurer might include a brief stopover in San Jose, some white water rafting in some of wildest, clearest, warmest water in the world, zip lining or repelling down waterfalls, kayaking in the Pacific, exploring the mangroves teeming with birds, fish and crocodiles, diving with a variety of marine life on two different coasts, and coming face-to-face with jungle animals.


For example, the last itinerary that our USA director himself sampled, unfolded beautifully like this …

On day one we arrived in San Jose. After clearing customs in the airport we were off to a downtown four star hotel. After refreshments, we headed out for dinner at one of the local fine restaurants that FCR regulars frequent. The steak and seafood we excellent, the atmosphere was festive and the populous enjoyed my rudimentary Spanish slang.

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On day two we were off to the Pacuare River. The Pacuare is well known amongst white water enthusiasts. One can choose to do the river in one day or do it as an overnight excursion. We chose the latter. After rolling through some Class III and IV rapids, we pulled the rafts up on the bank near the Pacuare Lodge. Our guides cooked for us and we spent the evening sleeping in private bungalows on the edge of the jungle, safely shrouded by mosquito netting. The next morning we were off to crash the bigger waves and holes. No one swam! During the high season (December through April), the river is basically a Class IV and an adrenalin pumper. Should you go during the rainy season, be prepared when you guide yells "high side" and be ready for the occasional flip.

Having satisfied our taste for white water action with the initial sampling of the Pacuare, we rolled west from the central area of the country to Jaco on the Pacific Coast. Jaco is a mixture of new and old and a favorite beach for locals traveling from San Jose. Jaco has an interesting, vibrant night life and some decent watering holes. That said, we didn't linger in Jaco long – the plan was to head down to Quepos for sport fishing.

There are a variety of big game fishing operations that sail out of Quepos. Truth be told, some of them are simply designed to take you out and hook you up. The fishing guides do most of the work and they do a great job. In the past, we've been successful in landing numerous sail- fish, an occasional marlin and some wild looking snapper that tipped the scales at 30 pounds. We've run into whales were no whales were supposed to be. We trolled the rocks with live bait and boated the beautiful roosterfish. Our experiences is that not all of the deep fishing operators are the same: We prefer those that let you actually fish as opposed to taking you fishing. See our photos galleries for some of the great catches we've made with the right captains.

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South of Quepos one eventually comes to the beautiful surf town of Dominical. Located on the beach, Dominical has a funky, hippy type of flavor punctuated with some sophistication in places. To be sure, there are four and five star hotels in the area. If you choose to, you can stay in luxurious accommodations that overlook the Pacific Ocean. You can also find hill top cabins that boast the same view at a much reduced price and which usually don't require air conditioning.

Dominical is a gateway to great surfing! If you already surf, you'll be challenged by the incoming break and it’s always helpful to have local information as to where to go, given your abilities. If you don't have those abilities yet, FCR can set you up with the best of surf schools and you should be up on a board in safe conditions in no time at all. Dominical is also the starting point for some superior kayaking in the Pacific Ocean to deserted beaches and unusual rock formations. You can actually paddle an ocean kayak into enclosed chimneys formed in the rocks. Bobbing in the ocean swells, you can almost hear the pirates singing...

If you're tired of the open ocean, a kayak trip through the mangroves is always in order. The paddling is easy and depending on the time of day, this is a great opportunity to see the local wildlife. On our last mangrove paddle we were accompanied by a local biologist who gave us a great lesson on the importance of the local flora and fauna. We ran into everything from diving birds to crocodiles and when you could see the bank, it was full of animal tracks.

The Pacific coast between Dominical and Quepos also boasts some superior white water rafting. Day trips to the Coto Brus and Savegre Rivers run regularly. These are exciting trips and you don't have to be a skilled paddler to pick up the commands and safely take the plunge.

For the paddler who wants a white knuckle trip, FCR can set you up on the Naranjo River. This run is often Class IV and V during the right season. One part of the Naranjo boasts the stretch known as El Choro. The principals at FCR have done it and lived to tell about it! This is a serious but safe river to run with the right crew but not for the faint of heart. In contrast, you might want to spend the day on the Guabo River. The Guabo is a FCR favorite: it's basically a Class II and III although there is a Class 5 rapid that everyone walks. During a Guabo trip, you'll get to hike to the top of some massive waterfalls, search for red poison arrow frogs underneath the leaves and cliff dive if you feel the urge. ( I always wear my helmet and PFD when leaping 50 feet to the river below with my favorite guides!) A Guabo trip is technical but mellow and because the Guabo is usually run in very small rafts, this puts you all the closer to nature.

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Down the southwest coast above Panama is Drake Bay. To get Drake Bay, FCR will transport you to Serappi where the road ends and the boat passage begins. Drake Bay is truly on the edge of a wilderness – this is one area where you can't drink the water. The chief attractions in Drake Bay include guided or unguided walks in the national preserves where clients could encounter anything from predatory birds to jaguars. There are three resorts in Drake Bay and no real roads. Pacific breezes cool the cabins and rooms at night and there is really no need for air conditioning. Drake Bay is less than an hour run from Isla de Cano. This island off the southwest coast of Costa Rica is a fish bowl of Pacific species. Scuba diving depths are less than 70 feet. Dive boats typically hit a local deserted beach between dives and lunch is served while client are given the opportunity to beach comb or swim in the surf. The principals of FCR have been underwater in the Isla de Cano area when clouds of fish the size of houses came through, pelagics hunted overhead and sharks schooled on the bottom. Snorkeling is also available for those who do not scuba drive. Fishing in the ocean and in the back waters can be arranged.

Apart from water sports, there are numerous other types of activities that FCR recommends up and down the Pacific coast. Zip lining is poplar. The zip lines usually run through the jungle canopy. The guest is securely harnessed to a set of pulleys and taught the techniques for riding and braking. When you pick your feet up and launch off of a platform the first time, you will probably say or think OMG at the least. Repelling and canyonering have also taken root in Costa Rica and are available along the Pacific Coast. (There's also plenty of fine zip lining in the areas around the Arenal volcanos and back towards the central part of the country; see the other posts on this web site for details.).

Some guests like horses and there are numerous opportunities to ride to the zip line areas, wildlife preserves or along the beach. Other clients prefer to make the trip with a motor – ATV tours and four-wheeler tours can be had. However you choose to travel through the jungle, the various monkeys will applaud your efforts.

There is a lot to be said for just spending the day on the beach. The Pacific coast boasts many beautiful beaches, most of which have few if any visitors at a given time. FCR can take you there or give you directions that have you do it alone. If you want to drive in the country yourself, that can be arranged. If you want a driver who gets you there and then disappears to pick you up at some later hour, we have that as well. If you want your experience guided from the beginning to the end, we are proud of our local contacts, local knowledge and intelligence and it is our desire to have you experience the thrill that is Cost Rica.

If you are interested in adventure at any level, Costa Rica is the place to go. FCR is the company to take you! We will custom tailor your itinerary and you can mix and match the sports and excursions that you want to experience. If you're an expert we will put in expert territory. If you are a novice, we'll take you from your humble beginnings to your boast that you have "done it!"

Use our contact page to let us know what you would like to do and where you would want to go. One of our seasoned professionals will plan the adventure of a lifetime for you alone or you and your group of any size.