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FCR was conceived as a pipe dream in 2004 and began to take shape in 2005. Esdras Madrigal, now general Manager and President of FCR, was running an occasional tour for US operators, Jay Cooper was an American tourist wandering about Costa Rica. The first meeting took on an expedition quality – a trail of tropical whitewater rivers run, forays into the ocean to surf, kayak, scuba dive and fish, some hurtling through the jungle canopy  on zip lines, trips on horseback and ATVs. After many bottles of Chilean wine, sunburn, ceviche, awesome “Tico” Meals, and late night stories shared, a friendship was formed. That friendship led to one expedition after another- all comparison based and tested by a Costa Rican professional and his try anything twice friend.

Esdras Facilitators Costa Rica

Was born in Turrialba, Costa Rica. He was first educated in the country’s school system and then went on to perfect his English skills by listening to American Rock n’ Roll. Along the way, he became a computer maven. He also took every job on the Pacuare River from lowly cook and safety boater to actual raft guide. As the years passed he began doing business with American tour companies that where sending customers to Costa Rica. Today, he holds the keys to the country. Esdras Madrigal knows the guides, teachers, hotel operators, restaurant chefs and transportation experts on a personal basis. Not content to keep it to himself, Esdras will customize your itinerary so that you experience the best Costa Rica has to offer.

Contact: esdras@facilitatorscr.com

Jay Facilitators Costa Rica

Calvert Cooper was born in Virginia in the United States. At an early age he began exploring the river system that runs off of the Chesapeake Bay. He started fishing. He went to college and obtained an English degree and later became a Trial lawyer. Along the way, he embraced deep ocean scuba diving, photography, paddling, rafting and trekking through the jungle. Jay Cooper bridges the gap between the customer who want 4 star accommodations and a date at the spa to the adventurer who to hoofs it through the jungle powered by “gallo pinto” and bottled water. Jay is committed to making your Costa Rica experience the vacation trip of a life time.

Contact: jay@facilitatorscr.com